January 12, 2011

Ceramic Cartridges

Dear Partners,

We offer new product on sale — CERAMIC CARTRIDGES

Contact points and cartridge cases are made of tinned copper. For the convenience of loading and storage the number of rounds in the transport packaging was reduced. Each individual cartridge provided with glued sticker and a barcode.

Denomination Stock number Base price, rub.
Ceramic cartridge E27 (copper contact, brass sleeve) TDM SQ0319-0002 5,60
Cartridge Ceramic E14 (copper contact, brass sleeve) TDM SQ0319-0003 5,36
Cartridge Ceramic E40 (copper contact, brass sleeve) TDM SQ0319-0004 28,43

You could obtain the additional information on the prices and conditions of cooperation from specialists of our Sale Department. Please call: +7 (495) 727-3214.