January 13, 2011

New Products! Tapped automatic fuses of PAR type

Dear partners!

Company of Morozov has extended product range with new group of products manufactured under the TDM ELECTRIC trade mark — tapped automatic fuses of PAR type.

AC PAR type tapped automatic fuses designed for protection of domestic electrical networks against harmful over current and short circuit, as well as for infrequent rapid activation and deactivation of these networks at rated current and no current. Fuses should be permanently installed in the fuse base with threaded contact sleeve E27.

It has 2 types of protection: against current overload and short circuit currents.

Each product is packaged in a colorful pack of laminated cardboard in the corporate colors.

Each box has a bar code and all necessary information in accordance with the rules.

5-year warranty is provided.

Products are certified.

Item Stock number Base price, rub. Nominal current, A Nominal Voltage, V Shipping package
Quantity, pcs.Weight, kgDimensions, cm
PAR-10 SQ0717-0001 55,01 10 2501001046×23×19
PAR-16 SQ0717-0002 69,86 16 2501001046×23×19
PAR-25 SQ0717-0003 109,41 25 2501001046×23×19
PAR-32 SQ0717-0004 110,40 32 2501001046×23×19

You could obtain the additional information on the prices and conditions of cooperation from specialists of our Sale Department. Please call: +7 (495) 727-3214.