January 17, 2011

New group of products under TDM ELECTRIC trade mark lights and buttons for DIN-rail

Dear partners!

«National Electro Technical Company of Morozov»s range of product is expanded with new group of products produced under TDM LECTRIC trade mark — lights and buttons for DIN-rail.


  • VC-47 and VCI-47 pushbuttons are used for operational management of magnetic starters (contactors), relays, automation and other technological equipment in AC electrical circuits with voltage to 230 V. In addition, VCI-47 equipped with an LED indicator that signals the operating state of the circuit.
  • Signal lights LS-47 and LSC-47 with LED matrix are to show a light signal for operating state of the engaged circuit.


Used in technological processes automation systems or for the protection of specific sites.

Range and prices:

Stock number Stock list positions Base price, rub.
SQ0214-0001 VCI-47 Pushbutton switch with indication, blue (LED) 2;1 AC/DC TDM 127,41
SQ0214-0002 VCI-47 Pushbutton switch with indication, red (LED) 2;1 AC/DC TDM 127,41
SQ0214-0003 VCI-47 Pushbutton switch with indication, green (LED) 2;1 AC/DC TDM 127,41
SQ0214-0004 VCI-47 Pushbutton switch with indication, yellow (LED) 2;1 AC/DC TDM 127,41
SQ0214-0005 VC-47 Pushbutton switch, red 2;2 TDM 120,90
SQ0214-0006 VC-47 Pushbutton switch, green 2;2 TDM 120,90
SQ0214-0007 LS-47 Lamp indicator, blue (LED) AC/DC TDM 70,88
SQ0214-0008 LS-47 Lamp indicator, red (LED) AC/DC TDM 70,88
SQ0214-0009 LS-47 Lamp indicator, green (LED) AC/DC TDM 70,88
SQ0214-0010 LS-47 Lamp indicator, yellow (LED) AC/DC TDM 70,88
SQ0214-0011 LSC-47 Compact signal lamp, blue (LED) AC/DC TDM 63,91
SQ0214-0012 LSC-47 Compact signal lamp, red (LED) AC/DC TDM 63,91
SQ0214-0013 LSC-47 Compact signal lamp, green (LED) AC/DC TDM 63,91
SQ0214-0014 LSC-47 Compact signal lamp, yellow (LED) AC/DC TDM 63,91

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