January 18, 2011

Expansion of product line! VN-32 Load-break switches

Dear Partners!

The Company of Morozov product range has extended with new group of products sold under the TDM LECTRIC trade mark — VN-32 load-break switches (mini-breakers).


  • Conduct current in regular mode;
  • Electrical circuit rapid switching on and off.


lead-in and distributive systems for residential and public buildings.


  • Bridge contact provides high electrical insulation abilities even in humid conditions;
  • Front panel is equipped with contact position mechanical indicator (on / off).
  • Possibility of simultaneous bus and conductor dual connection. It could significantly extend the range of possible circuit solutions.

Range and prices:

Stock number Stock list positions Base price, rub.
SQ0211-0015 VN-32 load-break switch (mini-breaker) 2P 40A TDM 94,84
SQ0211-0017 VN-32 load-break switch (mini-breaker) 2P 63A TDM 119,29
SQ0211-0019 VN-32 load-break switch (mini-breaker) 2P 100A TDM 119,29
SQ0211-0020 VN-32 load-break switch (mini-breaker) 2P 125A TDM 119,29
SQ0211-0027 VN-32 load-break switch (mini-breaker) 3P 63A TDM 178,42
SQ0211-0029 VN-32 load-break switch (mini-breaker) 3P 100A TDM 178,42
SQ0211-0030 VN-32 load-break switch (mini-breaker) 3P 125A TDM 178,42

You could obtain the additional information on the prices and conditions of cooperation from specialists of our Sale Department. Please call: +7 (495) 727-3214.