January 19, 2011

CS-47 Additional contact and CSV-47 set state contact for the automatic circuit breakers of VA47-29 and VA47-100 series

Dear partners!

The product line of the Company of Morozov, has a new product now available under TDM LECTRIC trade mark — CS-47 additional contact and CSV-47 set state contact for automatic circuit breakers of VA47-29 and VA47-100 series.


CS-47 and CSV-47 used to obtain information on the status of automatic circuit breakers VA47-29 and VA47-100:

  • CS-47 performs the function of the circuit-breaker: on — off. Switching of CS-47 contacts occurs even if the handle control switch is held in retracted position.
  • CSV-47 serves as a signaling mechanism of the VA47 windup. After installation of the module into interlock position with the mechanism of VA47 in time of the first cocking of the control lever the switching of contacts occurs and contacts remain in the same position even when VA47 is manually disconnected. Switching of contacts will take place only when switch are released in case of over current (overload or short circuit). At the upper part of the module there is a panel, when clicked, it will reset the mechanism by force and the switching of contacts will occur.


  • Automation systems of the manufacturing processes or protection of specific sites. Advantages:
    The front panel is equipped with mechanical indicator of contacts position (on / off).
    Ergonomic control handle, eliminating slippage of fingers.

Range and prices:

Stock number Stock list positions Base price, rub.
SQ0206-0196 CS-47 Additional contact for DIN-rail TDM 160,73
SQ0206-0197 CSV-47 set state contact for DIN-rail TDM 192,87

You could obtain the additional information on the prices and conditions of cooperation from specialists of our Sale Department. Please call: +7 (495) 727-3214.