February 1, 2011

Perforated cable trunking

Dear partners!

«National Electro Technical Company of Morozov» announces diversification of cable support systems, and current availability of gray colored perforated cable trunking of the TDM LECTRIC trade mark at the warehouse. Perforated cable trunking is designed for convenient and safe wiring in the power distribution switchboards.

Perforated cable trunking of the TDM LECTRIC trade mark is equipped with a rigidly mounted cover for optimal closure. Self-extinguishing PVC material of the perforated cable trunking, does not support combustion.

There are oval holes on the lowest surface of cable trunking, ensuring easy assembly and disassembly.

Cardboard packaging secures a perforated cable trunking in time of displacement.

Product range:

Stock number Denomination LengthQuantity in package, m Package weight, kg Package dimensions, cm
SQ0410-0001 Perforated cable trunking 25x25 TDM 2m 100 19 202x14x18
SQ0410-0002 Perforated cable trunking 25x40 TDM 60 14 202x14x16
SQ0410-0003 Perforated cable trunking 40x40 TDM 36 12 202x13.5x16
SQ0410-0004 Perforated cable trunking 40x60 TDM 24 10 202x16.5x13
SQ0410-0005 Perforated cable trunking 50x50 TDM 24 9 202x13.5x15
SQ0410-0006 Perforated cable trunking 60x60 TDM 16 8 202x13.5x15
SQ0410-0007 Perforated cable trunking 80x80 TDM 16 12 202x17.5x19

Expected date of the sales commencing is: 11/01/2011.

You could obtain the additional information on the prices and conditions of cooperation from specialists of our Sale Department. Please call: +7 (495) 727-3214.