March 2, 2011

New products. KM63 Modular contactors

Dear partners!

The range of the “National Electrotechnical Company of Morozov” products extended with a new group of products offered under the TDM ELECTRIC trademark - KM63 Modular contactors.


Switching of low inductive loads with rated currents up to 63 A. Used to automate and manage various processes, including lighting systems, air conditioning, ventilation, etc.


  • Automation of the engineering equipment of buildings, pumps, ventilation, heating, lighting, etc. Materials:
  • Cases and components are made from plastic, does not support combustion;
  • Marking is made in accordance with the requirements of GOST, and is not subject to abrasion within the service life.


  • Bridging contacts provide high electrical insulation quality and reliable damping of the arc during switching;
  • Contacts are made from the silver-containing material. It increases their durability, extended service life. It also reduces contact resistance and heat losses;
  • The front panel of the switch contactor implemented mechanical contact position indicator (on / off); 
  • Latch on DIN-rail with fixing device makes installation and removal easy;
  • Compatibility of the size allows setting contactor at the standard switchboard with any instruments of modular series.

Expected date of admission - the first decade of March.

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