March 17, 2011

Extension cords and surge protectors

“National Electrotechnical Company of Morozov” announces the expansion of the product range. At present, extension cords and surge protectors of the TDM ELECTRIC trade mark are available at the company warehouse. Household extension cords used to connect various appliances and devices for various purposes (Household and office appliances, lighting devices, tools, etc.).

Case of TDM ELECTRIC extension cord is dismountable and made of pure white plastic, which gives the product toughness, resistance to the burning-off and aging. Power lead is of increased flexibility and double-insulated. It is reinforced with non-dismountable molded plug. Sockets are located under 45-degree angle allows to save space. The presence of the switch with LED indication allows you to disable electrical devices without removing the plug. Extension cords are in a solid blister package. TDM ELECTRIC surge protectors are required for reliable protection of computer, office, audio-visual and home appliances from voltage spikes and disturbances in power lines, overload and short circuits.

Surge protectors are provided with:

  • Automatic fuse on the excess of the permissible power;
  • Built-in voltage-variable resistor provides protection against impulse disturbances.

Case material is impact high-resistant plastic, resistant to the burning-off and aging. Flexible wire is executed in PVC double insulation with section of 3 × 1,0. It is reinforced with ergonomic non-dismountable molded plug. TDM ELECTRIC surge protector provides reliable protection for home appliances. Appliances are adapted to the Russian power grid. Surge protector is packaged in its original box with a barcode. Transport packaging consists of 20 pieces. It is optimal for any stock of goods and logistics. TDM ELECTRIC extension cords and surge protectors are indispensable for use in residential facilities, offices, and country houses.

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