March 23, 2011

Results of exhibitions in Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar

On the first week of March, there were 2 specialized exhibitions with “National Electrotechnical Company of Morozov”.

In Rostov-on-Don Company participated in the 14th annual specialized exhibition “Power 2011, Electronics and Power industry” and in Krasnodar - in 21th International “Southern Architecture and Construction Forum” In Rostov-on-Don products of the TDM ELECTRIC trade mark ware presented at a joint exhibition stand with “Olma” company. This company is Company of Morozov’s distributor for Rostov-on-Don City and Rostov region.

Both exhibitions were successful for the Company of Morozov. Products of the TDM ELECTRIC trade mark had attracted the vivid interest of visitors. Large number of samples was displayed on company exhibition stands for visitors. All of the people visiting the exhibition stands were granted a possibility to consider interesting products clearly.

In addition, within the same period, specialists from the Company of Morozov had conducted a series of training seminars on TDM ELECTRIC products.

Our staff have presented new products, including photoelectric - and motion sensors, which had aroused a great interest in the seminars. Demand for these products are currently quite high, because it allows automating lighting control and guarantees energy savings in a number of promising energy-saving programs adopted by the government.

Seminars participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with samples of new products and receive answers about the TDM ELECTRIC products. We thank our partners for their assistance in organizing seminars. Special thanks to the company “Olma” for valuable participation in the exhibition in Rostov-on-Don.

Thanks to everyone who visited our exhibition stand!