March 24, 2011

Photoelectric relays and motion sensors

Dear Partners!

The Company of Morozov warehouse has received new products under the TDM ELECTRIC trade mark - photoelectric and motion sensors.

This product is particularly relevant within the frame of the various state running programs of energy efficiency. It allows you to automate, as well as to reduce time of indoor and outdoor lighting. It, respectively, reduces greatly the cost of the electricity bill.

Photoelectric relay


To enable and disable lighting automatically depending on ambient light level in single-phase electric circuits AC 230V, 50 Hz.


Street lighting control: on / off road lighting, parking, stopping points, parks, gardens, illuminated signs, houses, etc.,

Housing Interior lighting control: on / off display windows lighting, office centers, industrial areas, entrances, etc.


Cases are made of plastic which does not support burning.


The electro-mechanical relay is used as the load switching element. In the FRL-02, FRL-03 design versions it is possible to adjust the threshold depending on the level of illumination from 5 to 50 lux; Mounting to the wall is carried out with mounting bracket, included in one package set.


  • Save energy;
  • Provide automated process of lighting control;
  • Create comfort.

Motion sensors


To enable and disable the load automatically within the indicated time interval with the appearance of moving objects in the sensor detection zone and depending on the level of illumination in the single-phase electric AC network voltage of 230 V and 50 Hz.


Control of street lighting as well as control of appliances, alarm devices, etc.


Sensor case is made of self-extinguishing plastic.


  • The product range includes sensors of 5 types of installation: DDS (wall), DDP (ceiling), DDV (built-in for insets), DDU (at the outer corner of the wall), and DDPr (for floodlight);
  • You can adjust the threshold of sensor depending on the level of illumination starting from 5 lux to the level of the sunlight;
  • There is a possibility adjust the switching-off time of the sensor from 5 to 480 sec;
  • The range of available sensors with adjustable maximum detection range of objects from 2 meters to a maximum value of each sensor;
  • Sensor DDV-03 has an additional acoustic sensor with adjustable sound trigger of 30-90 dB;
  • Sensors of SDS, DDU and DDPr types have IP44 degree of protection and could be installed outdoors;
  • Installation on the surface could be carried out with screws and anchors included in the package set;
  • Electro-mechanical relays are used as the load switching element.


  • Save energy;
  • Provide automated process of lighting and other loads;
  • Creates comfort.

The color of all photoelectric relays and motion sensors is white.

All types of sensors are able to work with fluorescent bulbs, except for the DDV-03 type.

Detailed specifications, electrical wiring diagrams, dimensions are represented in the 6th edition of the Company of Morozov’s products directory and in the relevant section of the company website.

All products certified in accordance with Russian law and have a warranty period of 5 years.

For more information on prices and terms of cooperation you are welcome to contact our Company Sales Department specialists. Please call: tel. +7 (495) 727-32-14.