April 20, 2011

New group of products. Circuit breakers of RPS, RPB, RB series.

Dear Partners!

The product range of the “National Electrotechnical Company of Morozov is extended with new groups of products - a series of RPS, RPB, RB circuit breakers manufactured by ‘NEMZ” company from Novosibirsk. Circuit breakers of RPS and RPB series are designed to provide protection and non-automatic power switching of circuits in AC power distribution devices.

Circuit breakers of RB series are designed for non-automatic switching of power in 3-phase AC electric circuits.

All the circuit breakers are mounted at the galvanized panels. They are made with grips covered with tin, which allows the joining both copper and aluminum conductors. These circuit breakers are used for making up of the full set of electric switchboards, cabinets and other power distributing devices.

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