May 16, 2011

Presentation of NECM new warehouse

Dear Partners!

Please be informed the NECM has changed the location of its warehouse. Our company’s warehouse has been moved from Bykovo village to the industrial zone near the town of Chekhov.

New warehouse is located at the Simferopol highway (M4 highway), 50 km away from Moscow Ring Road near the town of Chekhov. Convenient location close to the federal highway with a low intensity traffic provides additional comfort for access of trucks to the warehouse.

Directions to warehouse

WAREHOUSE PHONE: 8 (903) 151 94 94

Warehouse is positioned as “B” class storage area.

The new warehouse space has increased in size by more than 2 times up to 5000 square meters. m. The number of loading and unloading gates has increased from three to five. The gates are equipped with lifting devices to receive and ship cargo from the cargo room of any vehicle. Also, the doors are equipped with protective shutters. They do not allow rain or snow to penetrate into the storage area, and protect goods from the influence of bad weather.

Additional access to the ramp is designed for receiving goods from the railway platforms.

The height of the warehouse is 12 m, which increased the number of rack levels from previous six up to seven. Number of pallet places has been also increased: previously we had the opportunity to place products on the 3500palletsA present this number has increased up to 9300. The new storage technology enables operation at the upper levels (11 m). This opportunity has been provided by modern, reliable equipment of Jungheinrich company: electric commissioners and reach trucks.

Office and utility rooms (for example, vehicles batteries charging room) are located in close proximity to the warehouse. Office is equipped with telephone network and Internet access. For the operating of the WMS system a separate server room is available. There are comfortable working conditions for warehouse staff. There are also provided satisfactory conditions of work with long materials for shipping / loading / moving and storage. To make it especially useful, the last row of racks is made in a custom style.

And, of course, a new warehouse is equipped with warehouse complex management system ARENA WMS (For more information, visit The management system in real time allows to manage warehouse resources with high efficiency. First of all the system relay on the system interface. Through the interface a user is entering, changing or deleting data, gives a task to perform operations and receives reports. The database server provides storage and processing of goods. Specialized software processes, and returns waste data base. Then the user could work with the data.

Our company is in the growing and developing process, so by the end of 2011 we plan to increase the area of the warehouse complex up to 7000 square meters. The number of palette places is expected to be increased up to 13 000.

The results of the move:

  • We are back on the comfortable M2 highway.
  • We are now prepared for the increase in supply of our products at the beginning of the 2011 season and 2012. At present time there is an active flow of goods from plants to meet the availability of products at 80% of the requests of our partners.
  • Warehouse staff has expanded, zone of acceptance / shipment has increase as well.
  • More gates will provide increase in speed of loading / unloading.

Warehouse working hours remain the same, from 09:00 to 18:00. On the other hand, we are always ready to meet our partners and take / ship products at previously agreed time.