June 22, 2011

Results of the exhibition “Electro-2011”

From June 6 to June 9, 2011 the “National Electrotechnical Company of Morozov” participated in the 20-th international exhibition of electrical equipment for power engineering, electrical engineering and electronics – “Electro- 2011”.

International Exhibition “Electro” is a significant event of the European level. It has the great value for the development of international power industry and electrical markets.

This year, 450 companies from 23 countries showed their products and services, as well as new developments and technologies on the area of 9500 square meters.

Bright orange and black exhibition stand of the TDM ELECTRIC attracted a lot of attention from visitors and exhibitors. The stand was conveniently divided into zones with samples of lighting products and low-voltage equipment. At the stand of the company specialists of our company were informeing in detail visiters about the product, were answering their questions.

At the exhibition, a series of negotiations and business meetings were held both with the existing partner companies of the Company of Morozov and potential partners as well. Interest in products of the TDM ELECTRIC increases every year. It confirms the quality of products and high level of service provided by our company.

Particular attention at the company’s exhibition stand was paid to TDM ELECTRIC brand new products. Lighting devices product range is actively expanding. The lamp LED 24/2400/32-01 (02) TDM had appeared in the product range. Lamp aroused great interest among visitors. The new product is effective and economical replacement for standard fluorescent lamps with capacity 4x18. Universal housing case could be embedded in a device such as Armstrong suspended ceilings and installed on the ceiling surface. In addition, the product line of energy-saving lamps of the TDM ELECTRIC industrial series has also expanded.

The exhibition booth also presented a new implementation of switchboard measuring needle instruments of the TDM ELECTRIC. The exhibition booth also presented a new implementation of switchboard measuring needle instruments of the TDM Electric trade mark.

The company of Morozov received appreciation letter from the exhibition organizers for taking part in 20th international exhibition “Electro- 2011”. Traditionally, on the first and second days of the exhibition the “National Electrotechnical Company of Morozov held a friendly evenings with partner companies in the “Old man Miller” restaurant. Company of Morozov thanks everyone who visited our exhibition booth!