July 6, 2011

New products. 4-pole compact differential braker RCBOs 63 4P.

Dear Partners!

Company of Morozov expanded the product range with new group of products offered under the TDM ELECTRIC trade mark - 4-pole compact differential braker RCBOs 63 4P.


  • Electric equipment of residential and office buildings.
  • Conducting of current in normal mode.
  • Turn off power supply at the short circuit or overload.
  • Turn off power at the person’s touch to current-conducting electrical parts of electric installation or at differential current flow (leakage) to the ground.


  • Group Lines suppling outside sockets.
  • The sockets of the bathrooms and shower rooms.
  • Chains lighting of basements and garages.


  • Housing case and parts are made of nonsupportive burning plastic.
  • Marking is made in accordance with the requirements of GOST, and is not subject to abrasion within the service term.
  • Terminal blocks are provided with silver-surfacing to increase the servicetime of contacts.
  • In phase pole is provided a multi-layered perforated copper-clad plate centered on the discharge of arc blowout chamber to reduce the temperature of the combustion products of the arc at the short-circuit and limiting emissions of combustion products of the arc inside a switchboard.


Parameter Value
Conforms to standard GOST Р 51327.1-99
Rated voltage with frequency of 50 Hz, V 230/400
Response characteristics of the electromagnetic release C
Rated current, A 16; 20; 25; 32; 40
Number of poles 3+N
Rated tripping differential current, mA 30; 100; 300
Operating characteristic in the presence of differential current A
Break-time at a nominal differential current, ms ≤40
Electrical life at operational cycles of Turn-On and Turn-Off, not less 6 000
Mechanical life at operational cycles of Turn-On and Turn-Off, no less 20 000
Operating conditions UHL 4
Switch degree of protection IP 20
The presence of precious metals, gr. / pole 1,1
Maximum cross section of connected wires, sq. Mm. 25
Weight, kg 0,38
Range of operating temperatures, ° C –25 ÷ +40

Expected date of the availability is the first decade of July.

For more information on prices and terms of cooperation please contact Sales Department of the Company of Morozov, tel.: +7 (495) 727-32-14.